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"We have learned to live with this stupidity" 

 1925年に生まれた 菊池誠が1990年に書いたのが「若きエンジニアへの手紙」(ダイヤモンド社)だ。65才になった半導体研究者の著者が、若きエンジニアに対し、真摯に優しく語りかけるように言葉を重ねた本だ。時が過ぎて、企業の中央研究所や大学の姿が変わっていったことを考えれば、この「エンジニア」という言葉は、今では、もう少し「研究者」寄りととらえた方が良いかもしれない。



“What I say about myself-and I am sure most creative people would say the same thing is that, when we look at how long it took us to get certain ideas, we are impressed with how dumb we were- on how long it took us, and how stupid we were. But We have learned to live with this stupidity, and to find from it what relationships we should have seen in the first place. This recongnition that we aren't perfect but that persistence pays is a very important factor, I think, in giving one the "will to think"-you don't need to worry so much about the mistakes you make.