コンバーチブル型ノートPC『Viliv S10 Blade』を試す 

コンバーチブル型ノートPC『Viliv S10 Blade』を試す

韓国Yukyung Technologies社製の最新コンバーチブル型ノート『Viliv S10 Blade』が日本で今月26日に発売されることになり、販売元のBRULE(ブルレー)から同製品のデモ機をお借りする機会を得た。仕様の詳細は同社のサイトに譲るが、SSD(32GBか64GB)のモデルで7万~9万円台、3点式マルチタッチ対応の10.1画面を搭載して重量1.2kg、バッテリーも最大10時間持つのなら、性能に対してかなり割安感があるのではないか。


Axon Logic Hackintosh Tablet May Just Out-iPad The iPad 

"Axon Logic Hackintosh Tablet May Just Out-iPad The iPad"

 Back in April we heard word of an affordable hackintosh tablet called the Axon Haptic. We were skeptical, since all we had was an anonymous tip and a render — something any 3D concept artist could have cooked up in an hour or two. But now we know that the Axon Haptic is real, you’ll be able to pre-order it this week, and yes, it runs OS X.

Let’s just get right to the juicy part, shall we? The Haptic is designed from the ground up to be compatible with any Darwin OS. That includes several UNIX distributions such as PureDarwin, and of course Apple OS X. Of course, installing OS X on anything other than Apple hardware is a breach of the license agreement, so Axon Logic (the company that makes the Haptic) strongly urges you not to do it, though of course they are not responsible for how you use the open-source software they include. I, on the other hand, think it’s a great idea.
 it does appear to share its form factor with this tablet. Ben from Axon Logic says that the shell was commissioned by them for the Haptic but the company they hired has decided to use it on their own. The guts are different.

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