Simulink(MathWorks)のVirtual Reality Toolboxが大幅にバージョンアップ 

   "The MathWorks Makes Simulation a 3-D Virtual Reality"より。「Simulink(MathWorks)のVirtual Reality Toolboxが大幅にバージョンアップしたSimulink 3D Animation 5.0 では、Simulinkでリアルな描画の立体モデルを動かすシミュレーション・モデル作成ができるようになる」

 The software, an upgraded version of a product formerly known as Virtual Reality Toolbox, provides an interface between the MATLAB environment and Simulink multidomain simulation platform and virtual reality graphics. As a result, engineers and scientists can dynamically simulate their mechanical products and control systems in a 3-D virtual reality environment, giving them a more realistic view of their offering.