アップル、Mac OS Xの最新アップデートでAtomのサポートを打ち切り――“ハッキントッシュ”の締め出しへ  

 「アップル、Mac OS Xの最新アップデートでAtomのサポートを打ち切り――“ハッキントッシュ”の締め出しへ

 米国AppleはMac OS Xの最新アップデート「Mac OS X v10.6.2 Snow Leopard」において、Intelのネットブック向けプロセッサ「Atom」のサポートを打ち切った。

 ネットブック並みの手ごろな価格でMac OS Xを利用したいというユーザーの間では、これまでAtomプロセッサを搭載したネットブックでMac OS Xを実行するという方法が採られていた。しかし、今回の措置により、(少なくとも当座は)こうした「Hackintosh(ハッキントッシュ)」を作れなくなった。


Axon Logic Hackintosh Tablet May Just Out-iPad The iPad 

"Axon Logic Hackintosh Tablet May Just Out-iPad The iPad"

 Back in April we heard word of an affordable hackintosh tablet called the Axon Haptic. We were skeptical, since all we had was an anonymous tip and a render — something any 3D concept artist could have cooked up in an hour or two. But now we know that the Axon Haptic is real, you’ll be able to pre-order it this week, and yes, it runs OS X.

Let’s just get right to the juicy part, shall we? The Haptic is designed from the ground up to be compatible with any Darwin OS. That includes several UNIX distributions such as PureDarwin, and of course Apple OS X. Of course, installing OS X on anything other than Apple hardware is a breach of the license agreement, so Axon Logic (the company that makes the Haptic) strongly urges you not to do it, though of course they are not responsible for how you use the open-source software they include. I, on the other hand, think it’s a great idea.
 it does appear to share its form factor with this tablet. Ben from Axon Logic says that the shell was commissioned by them for the Haptic but the company they hired has decided to use it on their own. The guts are different.


Surface Pro 3でMac OSXを走らせる夢を見る!? 

 まだWifiやタッチスクリーンを動作させられていないのが難点だけど、Surface Pro 3でMac OSXを走らせている夢を見てみるのも面白そう。春先に、10インチのタブレットOSXを持ち歩き、桜の下で(アラン・ケイが論文中に描いた有名な絵のように)タブレットを使うのも楽しそう。

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